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Geoff has been a resident of Kitzbuehel on and off since the heady days of the 80s. Currently developing an online product to promote Kitzbuehel and it's associated businesses both for the internal market through and for the Tourist Market through He is also able to provide Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing to businesses looking to expand their profile with SERPs

Latest News Hahnenkamm 2021

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Corona cluster as the sword of Damocles over the Kitzbühel race: "Are only passengers" After the corona cluster in Jochberg became known with a suspected British virus mutation, KSC President Michael Huber worried about the Hahnenkamm program. Flachau as a substitute for slalom? Last update on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021, 8:28 am Kitzbühel...

Best Gourmet Restaurants Kitzbuhel

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Best Gourmet Restaurants Kitzbuhel
POSTED ON 12 DECEMBER 2020BY GEOFF BROWN Best Gourmet Restaurants Kitzbuhel Kitzbuhel has become a big draw for the Culinary World with Varied International dishes in Independent and in-house Hotel Restaurants stepping up to provide an excellent dining selection. So please review our choices and help people find the Best Gourmet Restaurants Kitzbuhel...

Kitzbühel Lifts : Latest Information from bergbahn Kitzbuhel

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Kitzbühel Lifts : Latest Information from bergbahn Kitzbuhel
Important Kitzbühel messagesToday | 05/11/2020 In accordance with the current COVID-19 regulations of the federal government, the operation of the mountain railway and the AQUARENA will remain closed from November 3 to 30, 2020. WE ARE ALSO THERE FOR YOU PERSONALLY> Hahnenkammbahn ticket office: daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.> Fleckalmbahn ticket office:...