Kitzbühel has a wide variety of hotels catering to all sorts of budgets.  We found that location doesn’t always dictate price and there are even some within walking distance to the Hahnenkamm Gondola that won’t break the bank.
You will want to pick your accommodation carefully as some are less convenient to the town and slopes and there are several that will require a shuttle bus to get anywhere.

It’s also worth noting that the gondola base is up a small hill, so that needs to be factored in when understanding walking distances.

There are plenty of Accommodation styles to choose from, including traditional 4 and 5 star or luxurious, modern design hotels as well as chalets and self-catered accommodation.

Don’t forget, Rum Doodle’s destination management team are ready to help you plan and arrange your entire stay. With itineraries for various lengths of stay, for different age groups, and with both the active and more leisurely pursuits available, we really do have something for everyone.