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Rum Doodle Destination Management is an Online Travel Agency (OTA) but with a specialisation to offer local knowledge to your requests.

We are here to provide you with advice consistent to whatever your “Ground Arrangement” requirements may be.

Please contact our team or complete our request forms below and we will guide you through options of suitable accommodation and activity suppliers.

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When you are searching for the correct hotel suitable to both your budget and activity needs, Rum Doodle is the Company to work with.

We are a specialist Destination Management Agency who work closely with the Local Service Providers to offer you best prices in optimum locations appropriate to your requirements.

Hotels and Accommodation in Kitzbühel

With a choice of over 350 different hotels in Kitzbuehel selecting the right one for your party can be confusing.

Our team have been involved LOCALLY in Kitzbuhel for over 30 years and have seen the changes first hand.

We are able to offer from our Premium Properties or your own requirements the optimum accommodation appropriate to your required holiday needs.

What do you want to do during your holiday ?

The key to your successful selection of Holiday accommodation requires this key question answered.

In our experience many guests to Kitzbuhel have booked a hotel based on a Hotel’s website marketing or some random reviews often without an understanding of what is most appropriate to their own defined requirements.

There are some stunning properties that often get discounted in your search without proper scrutiny.

Rum Doodle are able to make these choices based on your request and confidently recommend the best places often saving a substantial amount and delivering the best solution.

Activity & Lifestyle Driven

This website has been carefully organised with as much information to you, our special guests to Kitzbuehel.

We want you to provide as much information in respect of your personal needs as possible.

There can be many reasons to choose a centrally located accommodation – nightlife, restaurants etc.

However, if you are here to play Golf, Ski (avoiding queues) or at a Yoga Retreat then there can often be reasons to avoid the centre.

Prices tend to be around 30/40% more expensive and you may find what your looking for in terms of Nightlife and Culinary delights outside of the main town.

It is our job to guide you towards these choices while respecting your own personal demands.

If you do require a centrally located Hotel, we also work with all of the providers and can tell you which would most suit your party’s enjoyment best.

Hotels in Kitzbühel

Kitzbuehel is known as one of the best Lakes and Mountain Destinations on the Planet, as such, you can stay at Luxury 5 Star Accommodation or a more modest property.

Due to the high level of guest, most are geared towards the upper end of the market.

Let Rum Doodle direct you towards the Hotel that will cater for your needs best.


Chalets & Apartments in Kitzbuehel


Guesthouse in Kitzbuhel

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