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Rum Doodle is pleased to offer our unmatched knowledge about any destinations in and around Kitzbühel.

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Kitzbüheler Alpen Destinations

Kitzbühel is the home town of Rum Doodle destination management company, we have over 35 years of experience living and working with businesses as well as personally knowing individuals within this vibrant mountain village.

When you are looking to explore this destination, find the best accommodation or enjoy the multitude of activities, let us partner with you and make your stay the best it possibly can be.

The destinations surrounding Kitzbuehel include a number of villages large and small that we can work with you to find what has specific charm.

St Johann in Tirol is one of those destinations that vistors return to time and again.

It has a vibrant nightlife and excellent ski and mountain facilities spread across several valleys.

Rum Doodle have an intimate understanding of the properties available in St Johann and are able to recommend the most appropriate Hotel or Guesthouse for your individual needs.

The most visited places

St Johann in Tirol

The most visited places