Business Hotels Austria

Are you serching for Business Hotels Austria ? Based from Kitzbuehel, Rum Doodle specialising in the best options for your group.


When you are choosing a Mountain Holiday with your family, be it in a Luxury Hotel or Guest House style, it is important to choose wisely. Rum Doodle has selected Hotels that we feel are most appropriate for a Family stay. We have selected properties that we feel suit needs appropriate with enough to entertain the little ones and allow the parents to feel relaxed their children are in a safe environment.


Kitzbuehel is the playground of the Rich and Famous, when you need an exclusive property we have the knowledge and experience to recommend the best options available on and off marketplace. Many Hotels have executive suites and there are a selection of Chalets to cater for your VIP needs in Kitzbuehel

Ski In / Ski Out

A key factor with any ski holiday is Location. Our selection of Accommodations have been highlighted with a variety of differing Hotels that sit nearby or on the ski slopes. This will enable a minimum of drama when starting or finishing your day.

Spa Hotels

A Spa Break is something that takes a special choice as there are many different levels and criteria involved in selecting what suits your needs best. We are able to offer you advice dependent on your own personal needs, wether that be a wellness/sauna area or more active in terms of Gym, full length pool or child entry. Many of our Spa Hotels have in-house Beauty and Massage Studios and on the odd occasion something a little more extreme in terms of medical offerings.


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